Animal Communication

How Does it Work?

Lois will connect with your pet by linking with their subconscious.


What can it help with?

Animal communication is a wonderful way of finding out just what your pet is thinking and feeling.

It can help with behavioural, diet and emotional issues.

Bereavement of a family member or another animal in the home.

Lost pets, (although Lois cannot guarantee that she will find a missing pet).

Moving home.

Bringing a new animal into the home.

Preparing an animal for its transition back to Spirit.


"I can't believe it, my cat is just like his old self before we moved house." RC


"The difference in my dog is amazing since Lois talked to him. He's so much happier and has even stopped chewing at his fur." TN


"A visit to the vet is now a lot easier, thanks to Lois." GEH