Past Life Regression

People have Past Life Regressions for a wide range of reasons. The main one is curiosity, to see if they have had a past life, and if so, where and when. Other reasons include wanting to find out if they have a past life connection to a person or place they feel strongly about, and also looking for ways of healing patterns that may be repeating themselves, in the form of unexplained phobias or pain, relationship problems etc.


Lois is a trained hypnotherapist specialising in Past Life Regression, which is a gentle process that can reveal fascinating insights into your life now. Many of her clients have provided dates, names and even world events under hypnosis which have later been verified. 


Please contact Lois if you have any questions about regression.


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"Lois is that rare thing, "the real thing." She provides a safe, calm and relaxed environment, combining consummate professionalism with kindness and empathy. Chronic physical symptoms have melted away and the strength of my persistent negative emotional patterns has diminished considerably. A truly transformational experience. Thank you. PQ.


"I just want to thank you again for the session that I had with you and for the now obvious evidence that I have of past life. If it had not been for the session I had I may not have believed that my new relationship was worth letting my guard down for." MH


"Lois' skill at relaxing me and putting me at my ease was perfect. As a result I was blessed with a much clearer and deeper understanding of a situation that is close to my heart. The healing which she then gave was very sensitively done, with so much love and light." JD.


"Thank you so much, everything makes so much more sense now. It wasn't like I thought it would be at all, much easier in fact." GH.


"I feel like a weight has been lifted." MB.


"Details came up which I was later able to verify. Amazing." NN.