Learn the Tarot

Lois teaches a hugely popular 1-to-1 8 week Learn the Tarot Course which will introduce you to the 78 cards of the Tarot and a variety of layouts, as well as the history of this fascinating and ancient art of divination. On completion, you will receive a 'Learn the Tarot' certificate and be able to do tarot readings for yourself and others. This is also taught as a group course at the isbourne Centre, Cheltenham. Please see calendar for details of upcoming dates. Many of Lois' students have gone on to establish their own successful tarot reading businesses. 


Week 1The Major Arcana part 1 + History of the Tarot

Week 2 The Major Arcana Part 2 + Past, present and future spread

Week 3 The Minor Arcana- Cups + Phrasing the question

Week 4 The Minor Arcana - Wands + Asking questions for others

Week 5 The Minor Arcana - Pentacles + Horseshoe Layout

Week 6 The Minor Arcana - Swords + Pyramid Layout

Week 7 The Court Cards 

Week 8 Packs, Celtic Cross layout - Designing your own tarot spread - tips for professional readers


This informative and popular course has been running for over 10 years and covers everything you need to know to read for yourself and others. You will be expected to practise with the cards in between sessions, for 15-30 minutes every day, to get the most out of the course. 


Before beginning the course, you will need to purchase a pack of Rider Waite SmithTarot Cards or Rider Waite Smith Radiant Tarot, and a Tarot Journal.


Ongoing tarot tuition is available at a cost of £25 per session. 


Cost of Course: £150.00 




NEW *Advanced Tarot* 


Following on from Learn the Tarot, this 4 week course will look at more complex card layouts, reversed cards, tarot and astrology and much more.


Cost of Course: £75.00


Please contact Lois for more information, or to book on either course.


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I learned more in the first two hours of the workshop with Lois than I have over the past 2 years in someone else's development group!" SG


"Lois is a kind, gentle teacher."  PA


"The time and attention Lois gives each student does not go unnoticed."


"I enjoy our sessions together so much."  AF


"I don't want the course to end!"  CB